League of Legends would be wise to add in-game voice feature

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In the grand scheme of things, League of Legends would be wise to add an in-game voice feature as it would undoubtedly help the game continue to evolve into a true team experience.

It’s no secret that in order to be successful in League of Legends, it really comes down to teamwork and communication. Effectively communicating with all members of your team tends to bring good results for the most part. Sure, pinging the map is one thing but as the Esports community knows, it’s imperative to be on a headset and focus on getting everyone to work together.

Unfortunately, League of Legends still has no built-in voice feature that enables teams to actually be able to speak to each other like most other online gaming franchises. Getting everyone on the same page is much easier to accomplish via headset and well, would be a sigh of relief for those that want to take competitive matches a bit more seriously. Players of that caliber tend to use Discord or Teamspeak anyway, so it makes sense for League of Legends to have it already built in for use.

Of course, on the other side of the spectrum, there will be plenty of debating as to if it’s a smart thing to do. The community in League of Legends is a bit toxic unless you’re in a clan or at the very least, in an organized group that is built on being positive, fun, and learning how to improve in the game. Having an in-game voice feature could prove to bring even more anger, frustration, and pure rage when trolls are doing everything in their power to annoy you and make you feel inferior.

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The truth of the matter is, the pros outweigh the cons. After all, League of Legends is a team sport and should encourage organized gaming amongst clans or a group of friends to play together and have the option of an in-game voice feature. Yes, no matter what happens, the trolls will be out in full force to scream, use profanities, and threaten to report you for intentionally dying even though you’re just trying to get better in the game.

But if a system was implemented that’s easy to mute/report those that harass and abuse such a new in-game voice feature, eventually they’ll get weeded out of the game and an overall more positive experience will ensue.

Overall, it’s in the best interest for League of Legends to put a new in-game voice option into effect before Worlds 2017. That way, when the game gets its biggest worldwide exposure yet, the game will be an easy one to pick up and enjoy based on watching the pros do what they do best. Since all Esports teams communicate via voice anyway, it only makes sense to have everyone else enjoy it too.

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